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An iPad or a Kindle?

Many persons are asking me the question. Which one do I buy? An iPad or a Kindle:

Please see my opinion below:

The iPad

  1. A productivity tool (word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, etc, etc)
  2. Can surf the web.
  3. You can email with it.
  4. Hundreds of Applications (telephone, radio, tv, clock, calculator etc, etc)
  5. You can watch videos on it in full hd retina display.
  6. Play games

The Kindle

  1. A very good e-book reader
  2. No glare, it can be read in full sunlight on the beach
  3. It is very light
  4. It can store up to 3,500 books
  5. You can read pdf’s
  6. Very good text to voice feature

Buying an iPad is a much more expensive undertaking than buying a Kindle. If all you want and can afford is an excellent e-book reader then buy a Kindle. If you want to do mobile computing and leave your lap-top at home (or alternative to buying a lap top) then buy an iPad.